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You are now browsing on the site, which discuss finances in the business but ultimately also your private finances.

Oscar Wilde wrote: "when I was young, I used to think that money is the most important thing in the world.  Now, when I got old, I know it for sure. "

And this is true for both private and all the more in corporate finance. The latest financial crisis, which began in 2008 many entrepreneurs and also many of us put in an awkward situation and prepared many unexpected surprises. None of us is he does not like. But is it possible to fight against this?

It is possible, on such occasions, at least partially, be prepared and eliminate the immediate impacts to avoidance of unsolvable situation or personal tragedy?

I believe so.  So as we in the youth were taught to read and write and it cost us this great effort, these skills are for us today so self-evident that we not perceived it, just only used it. By the same way is necessary to handle by financial literacy. Maybe it will want us in many ways also have changed their thinking about money, it’ll cost you a lot of effort. But I have the good news:

To change the thinking, we don't need any money!

On this site, you can learn how to easily track and manage your money so that you not surprise sudden expenses, or the financial and economic crisis.

This site primarily targets the corporate finance for small and medium-sized businesses and business owners.

You will find here many useful simple utilities for your decision making, record keeping, investment planning and the management of the company, or trades. And you can find also sophisticated tools and utilities, if those simple are not enough. Possibility to used it however, requires much greater effort and understanding of the issue.

So, do not hesitate and come to the desert, where you must manage its activities so that sources you have available to help you overcome it, do not dry and rest them enough to extinguish of unforeseeable circumstances.

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